pedigree of ......

 *Sunhaze Caprice 'A'Z' BS CL 1

*Astasia Elko 'A'Z' Breed Survey Class 1 Excellent

Astasia_Elko.jpg (7720 bytes)

          *CH Iwan v Lechtal 'a'Z'       (imp Germany)               Australian Seiger

Immo von Batu 'a'(GMY) SchH111 V Mark Haus Beck (GMY) 'a' SchH111
Osso Batu (GMY) a V
Kimba Lechtal 'a'SchH1 V Fendor Noriswand (GMY) 'a' V
Susi Lechtal (GMY) 'a' V

*Astasia Xcess 'A'Z' Breed Survey Class 1    Excellent Graded

*CH Alk v Domenica 'a' Z' (imp Gmy) 

Kevin v Assaut V

Anja v Widlsteiger Land V

*Astasia Piah 'A'Z' Breed Survey Class 1 *Sterbach Justyn Pride 'A'
*Cabernae Midori 'A'

*Sunhaze Simply Red 'A'Z' Breed Survey Class 1

*Ch Lindendale Strike  Force 'A'Z' BS CL 1  Exc Select NSW Seiger

*Karlrach Combination 'A'Z' Exc Select 

*Seiger Ch Prima Zorba 'A'Z' Exc Select

*Crossfire Caddy Shack 'A'Z'

*Dorsten Sinitta 'A'Z' Excellent

Seiger Ch Quincito Awol Exc Select

*Ambala Lovely Lady Exc Select

  Kuirau Pearl Lady 'A'Z'

*CH Quartorze Check Mate 'A'Z' Excellent   

*Vasall v Kirschental 'A'Z' (imp GMY)
*Quatorze Leila Flash 'A'Z' Excellent
 Kuirau Madonna 'A'Z' NZ CH Ulverscroft Kanto Exc Select
*kuirau Inala Dream 'A'Z' Excellent

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