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Sunhaze National Edition

Sunhaze Lucifer

Kuirau Pegasus Lady

our latest achievements !!!

Outstanding results for SUNHAZE in 2008...

2008 Breeders of the Year  N&HRGSDC

2008 2nd Breeders in NSW GSDL Pointscore

CAYOS vd NORISWAND 1st Sires Progeny Pointscore GSDL

SUNHAZE GISELLE 1st Dams Progeny Pointscore GSDL

CAYOS vd NORISWAND 2008 NSW State Sieger

SUNHAZE MARSHMELLO 1st Adult Bitch N&HRGSDC pointscore

& 3rd Adult Bitch GSDL pointscore

SUNHAZE COCOA POP 1st Puppy Bitch N&HRGSDC pointscore

SUNHAZE ANIQUE 2nd Adult Bitch N&HRGSDC pointscore

& 5th Adult Bitch GSDL pointscore

   SUNHAZE INTEGRITY 2nd Puppy Bitch N&HRGSDC pointscore

& 5th Puppy Bitch GSDL pointscore

SUNHAZE NIBBLZ 3rd Puppy Bitch N&HRGSDC pointscore

2008 National Results 

Super results at this years National for Sunhaze....


   *Sunhaze Marshmello 'A'Z' BS CL 1

   (*Cayos vd Noriswand 'a'Z' (imp GMY)  x  *Sunhaze Giselle 'A'Z')

    1st Junior Bitch


Sunhaze Nibblz 

(*Cayos vd Noriswand 'a'Z' (imp GMY)  x  Sunhaze Cherish 'A'Z')

 2nd Baby Bitch

*Sunhaze Outragious 'A'Z' BS CL 1

  (*Cayos vd Noriswand 'a'Z' (imp GMY)  x  *Sunhaze Giselle 'A'Z')

    3rd Puppy Dog

   proudly owned by Vicki Jeffrey

    CH *Sunhaze Intrigue 'A'Z' 

  (CH *Ambala Caprio 'A'Z'  x  *Sunhaze Luv on the Rocks 'A'Z')

    4th Open Bitch



*Sunhaze Integrity 'A'Z' BS CL 1

(*Cayos vd Noriswand 'a'Z' (imp GMY)  x  *Sunhaze Intrigue 'A'Z')

    6th Puppy Bitch


Sunhaze The One

   (*Cayos vd Noriswand 'a'Z' (imp GMY)  x  Sunhaze Remix 'A'Z')

    9th Junior Dog

  proudly owned by Vicki Rumsey

   *Sunhaze Anique 'A'Z' 

  (CH *Ambala Caprio 'A'Z'  x  *Sunhaze Giselle 'A'Z')

    10th Open Bitch



Previous National Results 

Our National Winners  !!

 Australian Siegerin CH *Sunhaze Intrigue 'A'Z'

Gold Medal Winner and Best in Show 2006 National 



*Sunhaze Marshmello 'A'Z'

1st Junior Bitch 2008 National



*Sunhaze Chicago Hope 'A'Z'

1st Puppy Bitch 2004 National



CH * Sunhaze Taylor Made 'A'Z'

1st Junior Bitch 1997



*Sunhaze National Edition 'A'Z'

1st Baby Dog 1995 National


and our beginning..........

Sunhaze German Shepherds was established in 1994 with our first litter producing National Class Winner and Multi-Specialty Class Winner *Sunhaze National Edition AZ. Our foundation bitch, *Kuirau Pegasus Lady AZ Breed Survey Class One then proved her producing capabilities in her second litter, producing 3 excellent graded, 2 Australian Champions and National Class winning and Specialty Class Winner *CH Sunhaze Taylor Made AZ Breed Survey Class One. Pegasus Lady went on to produce 5 Specialty Class Winners, 2 National Class winners, 8 Breed Surveyed Animals and 11 hip and elbow x-rayed animals. Her producing excellence was recognised in 1998 in becoming Dams Progeny Winner Best Producing Female in New South Wales German Shepherd Dog League
From this sound beginning Sunhaze has continued the success



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