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                     CAYOS  PROGENY.......


2011 National Results !!

 Yet another dominating National for Cayos progeny

3 Class Winners

Silver Medal Bitch ( 3 bitches in the top 10 in Open class !)

Reserve Challenge Bitch (from Intermediate Class)

and to top it all off Cayos Grandkids are now showing their winning ways...

Cayos also the grandsire of 3 class winners !! 


Silver Medal Winner - *Narathor Jazzcinta 'A'Z' owner J Hugo/ H Outtrim Breeder Andrew and Cheryl Thor 

3 Cayos daughters in top 10 in open bitch. 

6th *Astasia Kya 'AZ'

8th *CH Freevale Crazy in Pink 'AZ'



Intermediate Bitch & Reserve Challenge winner  *Chayessa Gemica 'AZ' Owner/ Breeder Vanessa Mulcahy

4 Cayos daughters on the pegs in Intermediate

6th Andacht Piccadilly Lilly 'AZ'

8th Kelinpark Violet Krumble 'AZ'

9th *Winola Mia 'AZ'


Junior Bitch Winner Albata Angelina 'AZ' owner/ / breeder Frank and Carla Aili

4 Cayos girls in the top 10 in junior bitch

2nd Tannalane Ambrosia

4th Khayem Guinan 'AZ'

6th Sunhaze Brown Sugar 'AZ'



Baby Bitch winner Vladimir Flirtacious owner / breeder Grant, Kurt and Diane Morton

and her litter sister 6th place Vladimir Flaunt it

litter brother 3rd Baby Dog Vladimir Frisky Business

7th Baby Dog Siegerheims Odin

7th Intermediate Dog Andacht Raz N Hell 'AZ'

10th Open Dog *Sabaranburg Esko 'AZ' 




2010 National Results !!

Another SUPER National for Cayos progeny, 4 Class Winners and many other super results.

Below are some pictures of the class winners  :-)

Baby Bitch - 8 Cayos daughters out of the top 10. The first 4 all Cayos girls.


                     1st Baby Bitch - Sunhaze Brown Sugar                                       Top 3 baby Cayos Girls.1st Sunhaze Brown Sugar

                                                                                                                                                                     2nd Sunhaze Indigo

                                                                                                                                                                     3rd Khayhem Guinan

                           Puppy Bitch    1ST PLACE   Winola Mia



                          Intermediate Bitch   Top 4 all Cayos daughters, and 5 out of the top 10 Cayos daughters.



                                       Cayos daughters - Top 3 Intermediate Bitches    1st *Freevale Crazy in Pink 'AZ'

                                                                                                                      2nd *Narathor Jazzcinta 'AZ'

                                                                                                                      3rd *Bluemax Sophie 'AZ'


                             Minor Dog  1st Place Andacht Raz N Hell



                                    2009 National Results !!


What a National for Cayos progeny,  3 Class Winners and the GOLD medal Bitch and BRONZE medal dog.

above: Gold Medal Bitch VOITLANDER PINA COLADA




2008 National Results !!

Oldest progeny only in Junior for the National. Cayos has 3 class winners !


1st Junior Bitch Sunhaze Marshmello 'AZ'

1st Minor Dog  Freevale Causin Chaos

1st Baby Dog Bruvic Troy de Terres

 With his oldest kids only in Junior ......

*** 6 in top ten in Junior Bitch class and

*** 4 in top ten in Junior Dog Class

*** Trifecta in Baby Dog Class from 3 different dams

** An incredible 26 in the top ten 




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