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Import Germany 

HD 'a'  Normal  ED  Normal  BSCL1  Sch H1   Kkl 1   DNA   H-Neg

HD ZW = 74     


D.O.B  10th March 2004

Sire : V2 (BSZS) VA1 (Italian and Czech Sieger) * Janos vd Noriswand SchH3 'a' normal ED normal DNA HDZW 78

Dam: V * Babette von der Noriswand SchH2 'a' normal DNA HDZW 72

Linebreeding : 

Sieger Jeck Noricum  (5-5,5)    Marit Wildsteiger Land (5-4)


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     2008 NSW State Sieger

Critique from NSW State Breed 

August 2008 Judge : Mrs Fay Stokes

He is sire typical, with two litter brothers and a sister Excellent graded in Germany and it is most important when choosing a stud dog to investigate their family history.

Already he has had 33 animals through the hip scheme from 26 different dams with a mean score of 3.2.

With 33 also through the elbow scheme he is in the 85% far above range

He has had 8 animals through breed survey for 7 Class l and l Class 2.

Cayos presented a progeny group of 22 animals - 7 males, l5 females from 22 dams - an outstanding achievement for the length of time he has been in Australia and able to present this size group in one State.

The group was sire typical, medium to large in size, medium to dark eyes. good dark masks, very good angulations of the fore and hindquarter, high withers into firm backs and overall well laid croups. The group presented very good overlines and in most cases very good underlines and the group all had very good coats and exhibited very good ground covering gait where the wither line was maintained. Whilst this dog's progeny is not yet old enough for the Open Class the results of his progeny throughout the show have been outstanding with 20 animals exhibited and 20 placings - 6 x lst, 4 x 2nd, 5 x 3rd, 2 x 4th and l each 5th, 7th and 8th and I doubt that there is anyone that would not agree that this dog certainly well deserves the title of NSW State Sieger.

Medium size, strong dog of very good type and proportions with a very good masculine head and expression and dark eyes. He stands with a high wither firm back and very good length and lay of the croup. Very good fore and hindquarter angulation with broad thighs, Very good fore and underchest, presenting a very good top and underline. He stands correct in front and steps correct. He exhibits very good ground covering gait where the back remains firm and the wither line is maintained and he exhibits the correct spring in movement.


Cayos von der Noriswand

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