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Hope's 2004 NATIONAL critique Herr Mueller SV (GMY)...

"Above medium size, medium strong, very good expression, substantial dry and firm. High withers, very good topline, very good length and lay of the croup. Good fore, very good hindquarter angulation, correct sequence of step. Fluent  ground covering powerful movement".

*Sunhaze Chicago Hope 'A''Z'

Breed Survey Class 1

( *Sunhaze Gangster AZ BS CL1 H-Neg x Aust CH *Sunhaze Taylor Made AZ Excellent Merit)

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'Hope' our lovely young girl with winning results.....

1st Puppy Bitch 2004 NATIONAL  Herr Mueller SV (GMY)

7th Intermediate Bitch 2006 National !!! 

2nd Intermediate Bitch Mrs Robyn Knuckey 

2nd Intermediate Bitch Mrs Fran Farley 

2nd Intermediate Bitch Mrs Melanie Groth 

1st Junior in Show Mrs Fay Stokes 

2nd Junior Bitch Herr Humberdross SV 

2nd Junior Bitch Mr G Stevenson

2nd Junior Bitch Ms Friedel Gehring 

1st Baby Bitch Herr Ruckert SV (GMY) 

2nd Baby Bitch Spring Fair  Herr Quoll SV

2nd Minor Bitch GSDL Mrs R Knuckey


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