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V *Jasso von der Bimsgrube      (imp Gmy)

Breed Survey


General Description :

"An above medium size, medium strong, typey, expressive dry and firm dog. High withers, straight back, the well-placed croup could be a little longer. Long Obliquely laid shoulder blade with well placed upper arm. Very good hindquarter angulation, straight front, normal chest development. Stepping straight coming and going. He shows very flowing, powerful movement with much ground coverage. DSR Pronounced, releases. Represented in Australia : Overall assessment being confirmed with very flowing, ground covering and powerful movement "

Temperament / Character : firm, natural, lively temperament. Watchfulness : present.  Condition of Nerves : firm.  Confidence: present. Steadiness to gun: present. Drive, Confidence, Resilience: pronounced. dog releases.

Structural evaluation whilst standing and during movement :

Sex characteristics: pronounced. Constitution: medium strong, dry. Expression: lively. Structural proportions: normal proportions. Bones: medium strong.  Muscular Development: strong. Firmness in stance front: very good. Firmness in stance rear: very good. Back: firm. Elbow Connection: very good. Firmness of Pasterns: good. Front: straight. Croup  : sl. short, normal lay. Firmness of Hock joints: Good.  Sequence of Steps: stepping straight front & rear. Length of Stride - reach: good. Length of Stride - drive: very effective. Toenails : dark. Feet : front - rear, round. Head : strong. Eye colour : dark. Upper Jaw : strong. Lower Jaw : strong. Dentition : Healthy, strong, without gaps, scissor bite. Dentition faults : nil. 

Particular Virtues and Faults :

"A dog of the right size, with very good flowing lines and powerful thighs. Represented in Australia :  This dog has very much to offer the breed in Australia in the terms of his correct size, angulations, proportions and movement".

Advice for selection of a breeding partner :

"Suitable for the improvement of medium size, vitality and expression. Represented in Australia : Particularly suited to bitches requiring improvement to angulations of the forequarter and croup. Extremely suited to the lines of Iwan Lechtal, Prima Zorba and Hammer Waterkant".

Breed Surveyor:  Herr H Scheerer / Mr John Fenner





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